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RKB Architects has designed two cold storage facilities and one processing facility for Seafrigo, a cold storage distribution company. These building range in size from 94,000 SF - 175,000 SF, with over 125 million cubic feet in freezer space to day.

Services Provided: Master Planning, Architecture, Engineering, LEED Design

SEAFRIGO I - Elizabeth, NJ

175,000 S.F.

RKB designed the first of three building for Seafrigo in 2011.  This building housed both freezer and cooler spaces. 

  • 130,000 SF Freezer/ Cooler Area

  • 25 Total Dock Positions

  • 16,000 SF Office Area

  • 5,832,090 Cubic Feet Freezer Volume 

SEAFRIGO II - Elizabeth, NJ

140,000 S.F.

The second of three buildings was finished in 2015. This building, similar to the first, houses freezer space but no cooler space. 

  • 115,000 SF Freezer

  • 18 Total Dock Positions

  • 5,000 SF Office Area

  • 6,621,396 Cubic Feet Freezer Volume


93,500 S.F.

The third building which was finished in 2017 is a split dry warehouse and cold storage/processing facility. The building is split among two tenants: Pilot Freight and Seafrigo. 

  • 44,000 SF Pilot Freight

  • 48,000 SF Seafrigo

  • 19 Total Dock Positions

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